UP8 offer a wide range of digital marketing services, helping you increase leads and sales for your business.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO – Search engine optimisation, improves your ranking in search engine result pages. More information: SEO Service

Digital Advertising (PPC)

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising instantaneously allows you to reach your target market, with paid digital advertising.
More information: Digital Advertising (PPC) Service

Social Media Marketing

Both organic and paid social media campaigns, helps you to speak with your customers, in the place that they spend time on line.
More information: Social Media Service

Website Design

Successful digital marketing, relies on having a great website as the foundation of all your marketing online.
More information: Website Design Service


Ecommerce is a powerful tool for your business and allows you to reach your customers anywhere in the world.
More information: Ecommerce Service


Through effective copywriting, your business connects with your customers. Plus, if great copy is created for your website and blog, it will form part of your overall SEO strategy and drive traffic to your website.
The community that you build around your blog, can help determine your business success. It’s imperative to build engaged readers and convert those readers into customers.
More information: Copywriting Service

Graphic Design

Marketing literature is essential for any business. This includes the design of brochures, reports, business cards, programmes, flyers, newsletters, leaflets and more. From an exhibition banner, through to a university prospectus or business card, all literature needs a digital designer to bring your concept to life.
More information: Graphic Design Service

Brand Development

Branding is what connects a business with its customers. In a landscape that is flooded with communication, how will your brand and advertising stand out? UP8 provide branding strategies, that create interaction and loyalty.
More information: Brand Development Service

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to build a relationship with existing customers. It is also a highly cost-effective way to attract new business. If you compare this with other marketing activities, email marketing offers you great analytics/data, wide reach to your customer base and ultimately, great ROI.
Email marketing is also a great way to build awareness around your business and to reinforce your brand.
More information: Email Marketing Service

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